The Impact of Facebook on Society

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"Clicking to like," "friending," and "unfriending," are all part of common vernacular now, thanks to Facebook. The social media Website has radically transformed the way people use the Internet, making it so that people read their news in their Facebook "news feed" rather than from visiting the Websites of common newspapers. People read articles that their friends post, which they might not see otherwise. Another way Facebook has changed the way people communicate is that the social media site making traditional email less important compared with Facebook messaging. Formal communications such as in the workplace do not happen on Facebook, but most informal communication can happen on Facebook. Facebook has also changed the ways people view the entire concept of friendship. A "friend" is not even someone who we see in real life; it is a person who "likes" our posts and photos on Facebook. Some Facebook friends are "real" friends, but many are not. Facebook also changes the ways consumers behave, because it allows for targeted marketing and word-of-mouth marketing. Companies can also use Facebook as an instant feedback mechanism that replaces the need for focus groups. Facebook has fundamentally and irreversibly changed the ways people use the Internet, the way people communicate, and the ways consumers behave. Facebook has become an indispensible application for many people, to the point where almost a third of all users check their Facebook before getting out of bed
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