The Impact of Global Warming on Human Health Essay

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When one hears the phrase “global warming,” what often comes to mind is melting ice caps and warmer winters but most people are horribly unaware of the effects that global warming will have on human health. Food shortages, contaminated water, extreme weather, and deadly heat threaten the world because of the warming temperatures of our earth. The effects of these can be seen today and their influence will be magnified in the not-so-distant future. But the most dangerous threat we face from global warming is the spread of disease.

The term global warming refers to an unnatural and accelerated increase in temperature. These increases are mostly due to the release of heat trapping gases such as methane, nitrous oxide, halocarbons, and
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To create fear, the campaign charges that limiting carbon emissions would be exorbitantly expensive...To sow doubt, the fossil fuel industries take alleged “uncertainties” in climate science out of context, blow them up out of proportion, and use them to stir up skepticism.(60)

These oil companies quietly fund groups that sound like environmental organizations but are actually used to further their cause. They also pay scientists to try and fool the public. One example is Dr. S. Fred Singer who has received somewhere around 165,000 dollars from companies including Exxon, Shell, UNOCAL, ARCO, and Sun Oil (Berger 62). Unfortunately there is a long list of organizations, publications, think tanks, and even so called scientists that are funded by the oil companies in an attempt to misinform and even endanger the public because of their own self-interest. These are the people telling us that global warming is not harmful, is not a problem, is not even real. But scientist who have been studying diseases like malaria, cholera, and dengue fever know differently.

We face a horrifying variety of illnesses that are being spread to areas where they never previously existed due to the warmer, more hospitable climates that are spreading northward. New Scientist magazine stated, “human disease is emerging as one of the most sensitive, and distressing,
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