The Impact of Globalization in Canada

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Canada Over the last several years, globalization is having a dramatic impact on nations, politics and the way they are interacting with each other. In the case of Canada, these shifts are taking place based upon the policies that are embraced and the attitudes they have about these transformations. To fully understand what is occurring requires carefully examining the impact of globalization on them. This will be accomplished by carefully examining: the philosophy / foreign policy, the way it has adjusted to the G-Zero world / Beijing Consensus and how politics / different groups are impacting economic development. Together, these elements will offer specific insights which are highlighting the long term effects globalization is having on Canada. Does the philosophy / foreign policy of Canada (as seen through game theory) facilitates cooperation or conflict? The game theory is the study of decisions which are made by rationale decision makers. During this process, they will focus on conflict and cooperation to achieve their own economic or political objectives. It is similar to a game of chess, where a nation can engage in certain actions that will promote cooperation and conflict (depending upon the policies that are embraced). These ideas are important, as globalization is having an impact upon the way these strategies are utilized in the process. For instance, a country could engage actions that will contribute to them running budget surpluses at the expense of
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