The Impact of Globalization on Food, Fashion, Film, and Music

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“The World Bank defines globalization as the growing integration of economies and societies around the world” (, 2006) For me the impact of globalization when it comes to food fashion, film music and dance is when like minded groups come together from all different political dynamics that create virtual communities across the world.

Globalization and food can be looked at in various angles. Globalization with how we purchase food to how food safety and consumption is important. Americans care where they source their foods for not only safety practices but also concern about health problems related to farming methods. Over the years environmental concerns have grown with the quality of soil that yields food, pollution, air
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Globalization and film can often be associated with the weaknesses and strengths of a film. Without film, different cultural would not be able to showcase their cultural through the movies produced. Film impacts me not only with action films, and romance but through cultural and globalization of different cultural and global beliefs and rituals. Film is an art that I greatly appreciate.

Globalization in music is quite different as gender, trans-nationalism and sexuality change in each type of cultural music. Western music may inquire repertories from contemporary process through travel, migration, and imperialism. Sexuality and gender is often a large part of Western music (Dwinell, 2011). Cultural is expressed in different types of music. Listening to different types of music brings cultural to a person’s daily activities as well as even impact a person’s beliefs. Music impacts me greatly, because I am a well rounded individual who like pretty much all types of music minus Christian and Country. Globally individuals come together to support their music group. Music is an art; listening and appreciating culture through music is amazing.

People are able to express themselves in music but also in dance. Dance through classical ethnic or cultural movements that can be fusion, classical, romance and love is expressed with some artist. Through globalization dance movements and drama is addressed with artist identity. (California,
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