The Impact of Globalization on the Consumer Protection in Indonesia

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It is generally known that globalization has been a major discourse that has stimulated multifarious ideas, concepts and debates between the government, politicians, economists, lawyers and other related stakeholders. In terms of law and legal thought, according to Kennedy, this mode of thinking has been evolved for 150 years. He remarked three conceptual periods of institutional and legal theory development including: classical legal thought, the social, and the current globalization that was described as a unsynthesized coexistence of transformed elements from both first and second thought. According to Keleman, the globalization has spread American legal style around the world that has been propelled by economic liberalization and political fragmentation. These two factors have resulted in the transformation of mode of governance from informal, opaque, cooperative to be formal, transparent, and adversarial ones. According to Kagan, this outcome typically reflected the adversarial legalism that consists three essential elements namely: policy making, policy implementation, and dispute resolution.
As an active nation in international relation, Indonesia has been affected substantially by the globalization of legal services and convergence of legal systems. Consumer protection is one of the most developed sector that progressively adopted the rule of professional law and the…
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