The Impact of Globalization on the Creative Industry- Music Industry

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| The Impact of Globalization on the Creative Industry- Music Industry | | Student Name: Lily Lee |

1.0 Introduction: 2
2.0 Music Industry: 2 2.1 Music Industry Value Chain 4 2.11 Beginning: 4 2.12 Production: 5 2.13 Circulation: 5 2.14 Distribution: 5 2.15 Consumption: 6
3.0 Technology Globalization impact on Music Industry: 6
4.0 Trade Globalization impact on Music Industry: 8
5.0 Conclusion: 9
6.0 Reference: 11
7.0 Appendix: 12 Appendix 1: The Core Cultural Industries 12 Appendix 2: Music Industry Value Chain 13 Appendix 3: Traditional music value chain 14

1.0 Introduction:
Recently globalization is commonly referred to close global relationships of economic, cultural and polity activities (Beck, 1999). The
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Meanwhile, the school encourage their students have fun and enjoy the music. The school focuses on teaching chamber music and solo performance. According to the school claimed, most of their students are willing to go to Music College or University to study music in the future (Sheffield Music School, 2012).
2.12 Production:
Production link in the second music value chain, it refers to the process of a product or service produce. The record label is the major player, the job is to seek musician write songs and produce CD in plant. As a consequence of recording label develops, a mass of recording studios are emerge in UK regions. Steelworks Studios located in Sheffield, described as the finest recording studios in the North of England. So far, it received numerous famous stars work there, such as Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, and Take That. Besides, steelwork provides an extensive range of specialize services and equipments, and three studios for different customers to record album (Steelworks Studios, 2011).
2.13 Circulation:
Circulation is third segment of music value chain. Usually, in this period, record companies can apply copyright, make contract with distribution agent and negotiate with live performance activities. On the other hands, promotion the produced music is necessary. The record companies can through the media like TV, internet, radio, and club to promote it.
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