The Impact of Globalization on the Retail Industry in South Africa

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The impact of Globalization on the Retail Industry in South Africa by Niezaam Jedaar 18 March 2011 Submitted as part of the requirements for Business Fundamentals in the B Tech (I.T.) program at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology PLAGIARISM DECLARATION Plagiarism is defined as the unacknowledged or unattributed copying of material from any information source whether written, printed or electronic. This includes copying from a fellow student. The use of such material is a form of fraud and is clearly unethical. All essays and related material submitted as part of a module assessment must be accompanied by the following signed declaration. I declare that the following work, which I am submitting for assessment,…show more content…
• Easier access to the global market Dasgupta & Kiely (2006: 269-270) states that technology has improved immensely over the last two decades and has paved the way for businesses to take advantage of the global market more easily which is accessible to them now. They are now able sell their products to consumers because of the increase of people with access to the internet with no regard to their location. Advancement of courier services and technology makes it easy for consumers to purchase goods online from companies through their websites. Technology has made the world more interconnected and allows people to cross borders and diverge into other cultures products. Not only will people access other cultures products through cyberspace but people are traveling more to experience it first-hand. Communication technology has to be one of the most powerful tools that are driving Globalization. • Global access to goods and services Dunning (2000: 84-85) clarifies that Globalization has changed the way business is being conducted. As more and more companies partake in Globalization it offers potential for a competitive advantage. Businesses and consumers have a bigger range of products and services to make use of. Businesses are now able to buy material from anywhere in the world and they have the choice to outsource some of their business services like for example establishing a call centre in Asia somewhere while they are based
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