The Impact of Globalization on the World Essay

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The 20th and 21st centuries have challenged individuals and communities to find ways to successfully navigate the ever changing reality of the global world. Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, globalisation has caused the interlinking between the global and the local, resulting in the combination of the values and ideals from each. This process of globalisation has invariably had a great impact upon individuals and communities around the world. While there are many things individuals and communities can gain from the influence of globalisation, an intrusion of global values upon small local communities can result in confusion and loss of sense of identity amongst individuals. Sophia Coppola’s film ‘lost in translation’, Annie Proulx…show more content…
Coppola implies that the superficiality of technology as a form of communication has caused detached, superficial relationships between individuals. Whilst Bob and his wife, Lydia, often speak on the phone, they cannot properly connect with each other and after having a conversation with his wife, Bob is left feeling empty and emotionally unfulfilled. Charlotte also has troubles with communication. No dialogue is used by her when outside the hotel, explicitly portraying her inability to communicate in this context. The disassociation she feels after visiting the local Buddhist shrine is shown through her need to make a familiar connection to her own local context, in the following shot of her phone call to her friend. Her concern that she ‘didn’t feel anything’ is not understood by the friend, further emphasising Charlotte’s feelings of dislocation and isolation in a globally connected world. However, through these mutual feelings of isolation, Bob and Charlotte are able to establish connections with one another, symbolised by the platonic kiss they share at the end of the film. This connection allows them to establish a somewhat secluded sense of belonging in the unknown and isolating global context. Proulx’s use of characterisation and character experience in The Shipping News (TSN), demonstrates the combining of global and local cultures, and the acceptance and embracing of global ideology within local communities and
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