The Impact of Health Insurance Plans on Health Organizations

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The financial persons were interviewed and asked about their views on health insurance plans and its impact on their health organization. They discussed about the major health outcomes that are seen because of health insurance plans. Majority people stated that insurance plans are strongly related to improved health outcomes. Since, the access to the health care is easier and affordable so people take care of their health more appropriately. People easily obtain preventive and screening services, mental health services and prescription drug benefits. Get a proper check up on regular basis. These health insurance plans even improve the workforce productivity at organizations; whereas uninsured people have uneasy access to the health care facilities. Uninsured people have higher rate of premature deaths. Since, uninsured people take more depression and have limited access to the mental health care so they are at higher risks of suffering from mental problems. The uninsured people do not get the checkup on regular basis and so when they are admitted in hospital for chronic problems, they have less chances of recovery than the insured patients. Since, they do not treat their problem in time. The uninsured workers at the organization are at greater likelihood of absenteeism or missing work. Being uninsured, they rarely visits a doctor and thus suffer from poor health, premature death or greater disability. It effects on the overall economy of the organization and their
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