The Impact of Hollywood in American Society

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In 1894, two French Brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumiere introduced the

portable motion picture camera and projector as a solution to the smaller projection

of Thomas Edison’s original invention the kinetoscope. In April of 1896, the two

men unveiled their vitascope and presented the first motion pictures on the public

screen in the United States. (SOURCE) This was the great start of Hollywood. Many

extraordinary producers and filmmakers began moving to Hollywood to seize this

opportunity. With a new and improved invention of the kinetoscope, they no longer had

copyright problems because of Thomas Edison and could finally bring their great films to


The movies attracted audiences of groundbreaking size, due to convenient

schedules, low admission prices, and that it was available to non-English speaking

immigrants because it lacked spoken dialogue at the time.This made films available for

almost anybody to enjoy, which enlarged the general audience.

By the early 1920s, Hollywood had become the world’s film capital. It produces

virtually all films show in the United States and received 80 percent of the revenue from

films shown abroad. (SOURCE) Unfortunately Hollywood had also come to symbolize “the

new morality” of the 1920s. It…
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