The Impact of Hospital Design on Patient Care

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The things in red don't make sense to me and the conclusion is short. All this was supposed to be 12 pages without the references. Introduction
It has become apparent to most that our actions shape the environment we live in in order to achieve specific functions. Today, we expect our homes and workplaces to provide comfort as well as productivity. When hospitals come to mind, it is clear that they should make us healthy. The selections that are being made when designing and operating these spaces are important for obtaining favorable outcomes and a factor in societal satisfaction. Over the years, there have been a number of studies into the effects of workplace plans on workers in corporate locations, but these studies have yet to be expanded to other workplace environments like those present in hospitals. In healthcare locations, studies have mainly been more attentive to the results of the setting on patients rather than workers.
There is now extensive agreement that a hospital's physical environment can have a significant effect on patient outcomes and also recovery time. Factors that really need to be addressed presently are things such as space, lighting, use of color, acoustics, noise levels, smells and the gradation of control a patient has over their immediate environment since all of these can have an impact on the…
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