The Impact of Housing Benefits on Pregnant Teenagers

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The Impacts of Housing Benefits on Pregnant Teenagers Abstract: UK Benefits System is responsible for providing many deserving groups with financial and material support. As such we consider the various factors that create beneficial opportunities for individuals. We delve into the specific case of pregnant teenagers who make for a particularly deserving group with regards to their special circumstances. Housing benefits are generally considered and their obvious socio-economic impacts are recognized. Public Services in most developed countries are targeted towards making lives convenient and hence productive. It is safe to say that a comfortable and secure life promises to be a socially and economically prolific life. With regard to this, the United Kingdom has successfully structured a social security system that aims to manage government expenditure and efficient welfare provision with respect to credible claimants. The UK Benefit System is concentrated towards a number of deserving groups such as the unemployed, senior citizenry, disabled individuals, chronically sick individuals or bereaved claimants. (Emmerson & Leicester, 2002) The basic aim of this endeavor is to make lives of British citizens contented enough to ensure a valid level of national contribution and of course give back to the needy. Not only will this help them become more illustrious people but will also go on to pull them out of the unforgiving vortex of vicious poverty. This system caters to the
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