The Impact of Humans on the Biological Diversity of Natural Ecosystems

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The Impact of Humans on the Biological Diversity of Natural Ecosystems
Since humans have come into existence they have always been a cause of change of whatever natural areas they inhabit along with the living organisms of those natural areas. The different types of organisms such as plants, animals, and microorganisms that inhabit these areas are known as biological diversity or biodiversity. (USEPA 2010 ) Biological diversity can be affected by many different things, climate change, and area being two specific things. Humans fit into a strange niche of biological diversity. While we have a part of biodiversity and in ecosystems, the human race has spread much farther than any other breed or type of organism except for
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Eventually all rivers lead and empty out into oceans which means said chemicals are dumped into the ocean. These chemicals, waste, and debris float freely into the human population water supply and into the animals of aquatic systems water supply and habitats. These animals are exposed to the companies’ byproducts and they affect the life span, and habitat quality of the animals. Yet again human population growth can cause extinction of species, populations, communities, etc. due to the lack of regard or concern of how the biodiversity of natural ecosystems affects all species in the long run.
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Landscape Conservation
Though humans have made a huge impact on the biodiversity of many and most ecosystems; it is recognized that for as much damage has been caused there should be some type of effort to improve and try to restore the biodiversity in some ecosystems. So was created the National Landscape Conservation System in 1969 ( CSA 2009). The mission of this system is to “conserve, protect, and restore these nationally significant landscapes that have outstanding cultural, ecological, and scientific values for the benefit of current and future generations”. (CSA 2009 ) However this system of land conservation is solely interested can only benefit Western/American land. The goal is to protect the USA’s most prized beautiful lands from being lost to the
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