The Impact of Industrialization on Literary Characters

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The Industrial Revolution was a period of time in which Great Britain saw advancements in technology, agriculture, and transportation. These changes heavily influenced the country economically and socially. The creation of the unskilled factory labor worker emerged and a movement began from rural to urban areas. With an increase in wages from factory work, the population of the country increased as well. Overall Britain was becoming smaller during this time period. The Industrial Revolution did not solely bring positive outcomes. The interactions humans once held despite social status were gradually deteriorating as values began to shift. The industrialization taking place in Britain had a great presence in current and up and coming…show more content…
Instead of the body of the monster being studied further because he was in fact a great scientific achievement he was rejected by everyone who encountered him. Industrialism provided new information and unfortunately consequences were not evaluated causing a situation of the monster being created then rejected to form and have nothing but troubles emerge. Despite growing up surrounded by loved ones he could not reveal the truth about what became a failed experiment in his mind. With Victor choosing to preserve his image over being honest he was indirectly choosing industrialism over human contact. Elizabeth patiently waited until the end to hear the truth of his whereabouts but Victor only wanted to preserve his image in her mind. Anything that posed a threat to his image being soiled had to be kept in the dark. With Elizabeth’s death Victor knew that he had to destroy his own creation in order to have any chance at peace again. Victor led a chase to the Arctic with the monster and Victor once again did not consult with anyone about this and chose to handle the situation alone. The hours he had spent laboring on the monster and the hours he had spent running away from him transformed Victor into a different man. Victor kept constant secrets from his family and society and Victor was no longer a man of science but instead a victim of its advancements. At the end the monster states after Victor’s death “But
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