The Impact of Information Systems and Computer Technology on Nursing Practice

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The Impact that Information Systems and Computer Technology has on the Practice of Nursing
Health care technology has developed to the point where one can rapidly and precisely access and track expenses, trends, and patient care information. Use of this information is vital to the success of health care organizations and practices. The present state of health care information systems technology and the force of new technologies on nurses and nursing care will be looked at here. For more than thirty years, health care information systems have been constructed upon the administrative and financial information requirements of the health care delivery organization. Since the early nineties, there has been an incredible increase in authority and ability of personal computers and comparable improvements in peripheral devices, resulting in more reasonably priced powerful workstations. This jump in storage capability and processing speed has ignited a shift in healthcare. Healthcare workers can now collect, document, and retrieve bigger amounts of clinical information pertinent to the patient faster and more correctly (Adams, 2011). "One of the long-term goals of the health information systems community is to develop an interface between administrative/financial systems, clinical patient information (electronic medical records), and all other data relating to the patient's health (medical history, current medications, lab results, digital x-rays, etc.)" (Adams, 2011). This
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