The Impact of Information Technology and Office Automation

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Task in the Information Technology Field: In the past few years, dramatic changes have been taking place that have virtually affected every function in the office and overall field on Information Technology. These radical changes have occurred as several automated office systems and technologies have been initiated. Secretarial and clerical operations are increasingly transformed as the typewriter and filing cabinet are replaced by electronic information storage and word processing. As a result, decision support systems and management information have been adopted to assist in an organization's decision-making and control processes. The emergence of these technologies like teleconferencing and electronic mail has also contributed to numerous changes in the usual communication modes. Emergence and Development of Automated Office Systems: As rapid technological advancements have continued to take place in the recent past, there is an increased likelihood for human labor to become obsolete. Since the commencement of Industrial Revolution, the automation of several human tasks has largely contributed to concerns regarding the relevance of human labor in the modern society. Actually, since the beginning of this period, economists have continued to assure workers and the public that there would be creation of new jobs, especially with the elimination of old ones. While humans will constantly lose the confrontational race against machines, economic growth originates from
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