The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (Ict) on Profitability in the Nigeria Banking Industry: Focus on Some Selected Banks

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THE IMPACT OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY (ICT) ON PROFITABILITY IN THE NIGERIA BANKING INDUSTRY: FOCUS ON SOME SELECTED BANKS BY AKOMBO TERSEER SIMON BSU/MS/MBA/09/3150 A SEMINAR PAPER PRESENTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, BENUE STATE UNIVERSITY, MAKURDI AUGUST, 2011 Abstract Commercial banks—assaulted by the pressures of globalization, competition from non-banking financial institutions, and volatile market dynamics—are constantly seeking new ways to add value to their services. The question “What drives performance?” is at the top of the minds of managers and policy makers alike, as the first step in understanding superior performance and, hence, striving for it. Substantial research efforts have gone into…show more content…
The quest for survival, global relevance, maintenance of existing market share and sustainable development has made exploitation of the many advantages of ICT through the use of automated devices imperative in the industry. It is imperative that all these innovation aimed at having competitive edge are related to profitability of banks. To what extent has the introduction of ICT in the banking industry in Nigeria contributed to profitability? Has there been any significant improvement in profitability as a result if ICT usage? The quest for answers to these questions is what this study seeks to address. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The objective of this study is to determine the impact of use of ICT on profitability in the Nigerian Banking industry. In trying to determine this, we will also find out the following; i. The relationship between the usage of ICT in the banking industry and service delivery; ii. The relationship between the usage of ICT in the banking industry and customer satisfaction; and iii. The relationship between the usage of ICT in the Banking industry and profitability. INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY (ICT) Technology can be referred to as the application of knowledge for the execution of a given task. It entails skills and processes necessary for carrying out activities (works) in a given context. Information and
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