The Impact of Innovative Health Technologies in Nursing and Health Care

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Technology in Nursing and Health Care: The continuous transformation of the health care field through the introduction of new technology tools has contributed to the need for nurses to stay current with new trends and keep track of what is on the horizon. However, these rapid technological changes and advancements in the health care field have seemingly precluded any probability of anticipating the future. As a result, nurses and other health care professionals can prepare for the future by remaining open to and informed about new possibilities. Despite of these relative difficulties in anticipating the future, every specialty area of nursing continues to develop unique innovations that improve the ability of nurses to practice effectively.
Current Innovative Health Technologies in Nursing and Health Care: For health care organizations to remain competitive in the ever-changing healthcare environment, they need to improve patient safety, operational efficiency, revenue generation, and clinical outcomes (Eastman & McCarthy, 2012, p.52). The healthcare environment is characterized with numerous challenges because or relentless market, economic, and legislative factors as well the constant emergence of more initiatives. Since this environment continues to shift and becomes extremely difficult to manage, nurses continue to experience profound effects of the shift in their daily work. Technological advances have emerged as one of the major ways for nurses and healthcare

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