The Impact of International Business on the World, Questions and Answers

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INTRODUCTION Ever since antiquity,the kings,emperors,monarchies have been involved in international business to obtain silk,pepper and spices for their own luxury. Till this day, international trade has been giving a major impact in all countries. International business is a transaction beyond the geographical limit of a nation. Even in some countries their economic activity relies heavily on international business. Well we as consumers sometimes might not realize this but,almost everything we use in daily basis is from international trade. Everything we see or touch is mostly from the process of trading of goods among countries. The world we are living in is a mixture of different products and goods that are brought in from different corners of the world. Some have the perceptions that international business only impoverishing the country and not making the country richer. This is because the society did not realize that if they had no international marketing going on,their life everyday will be even worse than they could ever imagine. This report will discuss the impact of international business have on almost every nation and every human on this planet.
QUESTION 1 Companies with fancy products usually face a high demand for their goods. When this happens they will change their concentration from customers to consumers. They will focus on larger niche than before. When companies start to engage in international trade,they will attract more revenue and thus gain
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