The Impact of Internet on Our Society

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The Impact of Internet on Our Society
Wong Yiu Cheung

The emergence of the Internet allows people in all over the world to share the information by connecting computers together. Its development has reached to carry the large numbers of data that we have not imagined before. It also brings impact on the real life by creating brand new tools, platforms, and attempts to satisfy people’s wants only when they are holding a device that can access to the Internet. The impacts are both positive and negative. This evolution has changed our society a lot in diverse aspect, shaping new forms of social interaction, activities and organizing, affecting language, culture, and ethics to our society. This article would focus on discussing how the
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Such as learning English, they are now more willing to read and communicate in English, as the information provided on the Internet are mainly in English and typing English to communicate with friends is much faster than typing Chinese.

On the other hand, the Internet also provides so many different kinds of entertainment, such as mini games, videos and music influencing the youngsters to be loose on study. When you are going to search some information for the homework, it is very often that the arrow will spontaneously go to click someone’s Facebook or Xanga, or to see any updated videos in YouTube. Students using the internet to learn should also pay attention and be critical to the garbage information. The information on the internet is not always valuable to learn and beneficial for youngsters. A common phenomenon is that, today’s students are used to copy things directly form other people’s website without any thinking and filtering, it may lead to plagiarism and infringement of property right. Besides, the thinking mode in doing exercises has also been changed by using the Internet to finish work. Formerly, students’ homework was done by their hand holding a pencil, by nowadays their skills has changed to be typing instead. Looking at the monitor is totally different to a paper, students are required to get used to this.

We also find that the E-engagement has occurred recently. People started to use the tools on the
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