The Impact of Large Aircraft on Aircraft Management Essay

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According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aircraft certification, “a large aircraft refers to an aircraft of more than 12,500 pounds which is the maximum certificated takeoff weight.” The heaviest and largest aircraft in the world have a maximum takeoff weight of over 600 tons. Since larger aircraft have greater capacity, as well as advanced technological features, airport management needs to make changes that cater to their operation. The first reaction of management at large airports was to restrict the new, large aircraft by assigning them to specific terminals, routes and runways. However, this led to delays and air traffic congestion. Given the growing number of new, large aircraft, the only safe and efficient way to…show more content…
This new standard calls for taxiways and runways to be widened, along with taxiways-to-taxiways and the runways-to-taxiways.
Although the arrival of these new aircraft has eased airport congestion and continues to meet passenger needs, it presents numerous challenges for airport management. As a result, various changes have been made and others are to be put into effect. The super jumbo is 400,000 pounds heavier, 11 feet longer, 41 feet wider and 15 feet taller than Boeing jumbo jets (Yeamans, 2006). This aircraft, then, requires longer and wider landing space, and airport management has increased airport pavement areas. Where existing land did not allow for expansion, additional land has been identified and new airports constructed.
Similarly, the increase in the number of passengers has created a need for more gate-hold rooms. New, large aircraft have significantly affected passenger flow, in terms of the queuing network system (Chiu and Walton, 2003). In some airports, adjacent gates may not operate when large planes, such as the super jumbo and the A380, are loading and unloading. Gate capacities have increased more than twofold in airports that have large aircraft. In order to maintain their services, then, many airport managements have increased their number of gate-hold rooms.
Airports have also expanded the capacity of baggage handling, concourses, ticket

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