The Impact of Liberalism on International Relations Essay

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Liberalism has contributed to the understanding of International Relations as an academic discipline and through organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, the League of Arab States, and others in what many consider to be a very influential manner. To start, Liberalism traces its roots back to the Enlightenment period (Mingst, 2008) where many philosophers and thinkers of the time began to question the established status quo. Such as the prevailing belief in religious superstition and began to replace it with a more rational mode of thinking and a belief in the intrinsic goodness of mankind. The Enlightenment period influenced Liberalism’s belief that human beings are thinkers who are able to naturally understand the…show more content…
Many libertarian ideals are exhibited in Locke’s thoughts and beliefs on private property ownership and the limited view of government. Liberalism was further influenced in the nineteenth century by the belief that democracy was a better alternative to the monarchy and free trade over isolationism (Mingst, 2008). The liberals of the nineteenth century and up until today believe that man’s best prospects to live a free and peaceful life were through free market capitalism and within a limited form of government. They believed that this would be the best system for people to show their full potential and believed free trade would create a positive link between states, making war impossible and unprofitable (Mingst, 2008). During the twentieth century “Wilsonian Idealism” would further influence much liberal thought (Mingst, 2008). US President Woodrow Wilson was the author of the covenant of the League of Nations and the namesake of “Wilsonian Idealism”. Within this idealism was the belief that war is preventable and this was showcased in the League’s covenant, where half of the twenty six provisions were aimed at preventing war (Mingst, 2008). One of the high points of liberal
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