The Impact of Market Orientation on Business Performance

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A working title for the research:

“Investigating the relationship between Market Orientation and Business Performance of SMEs in Pakistan”.

Definition of the research:

Market orientation a term used by marketers as indicator of the degree to which firm implements its marketing concept (Komppula and Reijonen, 2010). A market oriented firm has a greater ability in achieving higher performance compared to non-market oriented firm (Agarwal et al., 2003). The concept of market orientation has received a great deal of consideration since the topic was re-introduced by Kohli and Jaworski (1990) and Narver and Slater (1990). The relationship between market orientation and firm performance is extensively highlighted and contended that
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Databases that have publications in the field of market orientation, SMEs, and business performance have been reviewed such as Emerald Database, JSTOR (Arts and Sciences III), ScienceDirect Freedom Collection (Elsevier), and Google Scholar. The search keywords and time length were also determined and applied to the literature survey. The key words for literature search are market orientation, marketing orientation, customer orientation, SMEs, SMEs in Pakistan, business performance, measures of market orientation, and measures of business performance. The above mentioned key words were selected because they mostly represent the main elements of the topic. Secondly, studying such key words is important to generate a significant review of the literature in the field of market orientation and its relationship with business performance in the context of SMEs.
The literature on market orientation and its relationship with business performance is immense, but most of it is written in the context of large organization. The main problem face during search for literature is the scarcity of materials on market orientation in SMEs. As for the knowledge of researcher is concern there is not even a single study on market orientation and its relationship with business performance in SMEs in Pakistan.

Preliminary review and evaluation of the relevant literature:

Since this research focuses on the relationship of market orientation with business performance of
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