The Impact of Mobile Devices on Cyber Security

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The Impact of Mobile Devices on Cyber security: The modern society including corporate environments has been characterized by the proliferation of mobile devices. The increased use of these devices is attributed to the significant opportunities they bring and their contribution towards enhanced communication. However, the increased use of mobile devices has been accompanied by considerable concerns regarding the privacy of personal information and sensitive corporate data that are stored on them. In essence, mobile devices have significant impacts on cyber-security because the type of data stored and accessed on the devices contributes to heightened security risks. Despite the significant benefits associated with the increased use of…show more content…
These organizations have justified their actions by citing the proliferation of personal devices in the past few years. Consequently, there are twice as many personal devices in the working environment as compared to several years ago. While the increased connectivity of personal devices to corporate networks has some advantages, the trend has increased security risks and cyber attacks. Actually, in the past few years, more than 60 percent of workers in organizations allowing connectivity of personal devices to corporate networks have reported an increase in security threats and cyber attacks on the organizations (“The Impact of Mobile Devices on Information Security”, 2012). These individuals have stated that most of the security risks and cyber attacks have been brought by the use of mobile devices in corporate networks. Lack of Awareness and Carelessness: The second major way through which the increased use of mobile devices contributes to more cyber security issues is through lack of awareness of and carelessness regarding the impact of mobile data on security. While organizations continue to allow workers to connect mobile devices to corporate networks, most of these workers remain unaware of the probable risks that mobile devices pose
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