Essay on The Impact of NCLB

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The Impact of NCLB Norman Gary Holmes Grand Canyon University: EDL-812 Governance and Structure in K-12 Education February 26, 2014 Introduction As the United States strive to become a global leader in education, developing school teachers and leaders must be the first step to achieve this goal. All the work that educational leaders has put in on every level of our educational system has not rendered the results desired. Research suggest that everyday interaction between a teacher and student has a prime determinant on student achievement. Great teachers can make all the difference in the world. Teachers can inspire a student to achieves at an elevated level or a student who falls through…show more content…
Making sure that every teacher has the ability, skill, motivation , and desire to do the job is considered essential. When implementing a plan or transforming a culture an educational leader must have full executive support, an effective communication plan, full employee involvement, thorough organizational planning and completive analysis, and a widespread perceived need for the strategic planning. Effective leadership also comes with great collaboration in an organization internal and external. Leadership must constantly involve staff in collaboration. Early in a new program's life a centralized focus must provide the leader a number of benefits: management of external stakeholders, management of informational needs, funding of the program, and management support. Providing teachers and administrative teams to collaborate on on-going and future issues will help empower and motivate to take ownership in the organization. In an educational environment school leaders must collaborate with staff through PLC's which are team meetings, faculty and staff meetings, school improvement committees, teacher appraisals periods (PDAS), and even casual conversation. Lewis and Pattersson (2009) suggest that good governance promotes excellent service in education which include an organization with appropriate standards, good incentives, information, and accountability which foster high performance from public
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