The Impact of Nehru’s Inaugural Address ‘a Tryst with Destiny’ on the Educated Indians of Two Different Generations

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Thank you, members of the Indian Constituent Assembly for inviting me here today to speak to you on the 66thanniversary of India’s Independence from the British rule. It is, indeed, a matter of great honour for me to be able to speak in front of so many great people. I am immensely grateful to this assembly for giving an opportunity to an ordinary student like me to deliver a speech which is being telecast on the national network and is being watched by millions. On this occasion , I would like to remind you of the historic speech that Pandit Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India, delivered on the 14th of August 1947 - the famous speech titled ‘A tryst with Destiny’. Even though I was not born at that time, I…show more content…
I wonder if Nehru was to deliver his famous speech to the modern young Indians, how many of them would listen to him seriously. I wonder how many of those techno-savvy young Indians who unconsciously imitate a large number of modern American slangs in their conversations can appreciate the essence and gravity of the English Nehru used in his speech. I wonder how many of those modern Indian cyber-addicts, who are more familiar with the universally accepted chat abbreviations and symbols than with the formal English words and expressions, would even want to listen to a sober speech like ‘A Tryst with Destiny.’ Nehru enjoyed great credibility among his contemporary Indians and his speech had great effect on them because he himself was a very prominent figure in one of the greatest freedom struggles in the history of mankind; where as in the corruption-ridden political culture of modern India the same words as spoken by Nehru could be spurned and ridiculed by a great many educated Indians. And this brings me to my final point. The dream of freedom is not yet fulfilled in the streets and slums of India. People in our nation still fight over petty issues, landowners are chased off their land, our folks still subject to racial violence, arguments still go on over which religion is the best and even more disheartening, the out-dated caste

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