The Impact of Obesity on a Person's Lifestyle

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It is the Body Mass Index (BMI) which is the comparison between the weight and the height of a person that would help in identifying obese cases. If BMI's is greater than 25, the person would be called overweight and if it is more than 30 than he would be called obese. Obesity is an issue of public concern because of the threat it has towards the physical and the mental health, to the relationship, development and the overall well being of an individual. It is not only limited to a particular age group, gender, culture or a part of the globe. Instead, every individual is in danger to its bad affects.
Research Question
To what extent does obesity affect a person's lifestyle?
The impact of obesity on health: One of the major consequences of obesity is its impact on destroying the physical health of individuals because of which they become subject to illnesses like diabetes, blood pressure and cancer.
Impact of obesity on the mental health: Obesity gives rise to psychological problem and worries for the person because of which he faces difficulty in functioning properly.
The social impact of obesity: although overlaps the concept of mental health, it includes the way society treats obese people and the difficulties they face because of it
Economic consequences of obesity: This is a new aspect where obesity…
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