The Impact of Paid Work on the Academic Performance of Students

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Work While At University Affects Students Differently Strict compliance with APA6 requires two lines or so describing author here. Flush left, double spaced, or, delete this part and violate APA6. Indicating style on the 1st page violates APA6, for example, but the assignment requires. APA6 has many requirements I doubt you will need to comply with; ergo you are using a 'variant' on APA6; no heading for "introduction"; glad to provide page refs for that. Nor can I provide you with anything other than a "Model Paper," and so you will unavoidably have to fill this page out yourself. Print and discard disclaimer page and subsequent pagination will be proper; or, just print pp. 2-end and page numbers will be correct. THANK YOU! Abstract Many publications claim students who work for pay for a certain number of hours while attending university perform better than other students who either do not work at all, or work more than the threshold number of hours, various estimates of which are discussed in this review. Once differences between and within various student demographics are considered, however, such generalization begins to lose validity, once research sorts for differences between and within classes of students, definitions of performance, and various types and levels of employment. Significant differences confound generalizing from existing samples to the total population, government and peer-reviewed academic research reveals. Likewise, past student work-study
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