The Impact of Personal Preferences on Working Practices

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How personal preferences impact on working practices As a worker in a residential house taking care of elderly people some of them suffer from mild to severe conditions. The clients have been brought up in different ways from the way I was brought up and this happens to a significant aspect when working with other people. It is instrumental for a person to respect other people preferences and beliefs based on people background and upbringing. I was brought up in a society that integrated all cultures and learnt to respect every person and their beliefs. Prayers were considered a daily routine at my home and I had to part of the family prayers all the times. Religion can affect pa person in various ways, mostly because people come from different backgrounds and teachings. However, it is significant to respect how people adore their religion. Although I am an atheist, I still have time for my clients and talk about their religion and at times prayer with them when possible. Most Sundays, I have to my clients to attend the church sermons contrary to my own beliefs. I choose to perform that activity I know my clients appreciates my service. I am surprised that nowadays, I look forward attending church together with them. The task has become part of my work to show the clients they are special and, I care about anything that makes them cheerful and respect their individual beliefs as much as they are different from mine. It is vital to remember a person preferences are
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