The Impact of Reduced Branding on Consumer Choice

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Data was collected from 35 participants. To collect data for the processes methods like attention, look duration and recognition of consumers were used. The first process which whether consumer choice is affected by the reduced branding on the packaging resulted in positive as reducing branding could have a detrimental effect on consumers attention and ability to recognize the brand. The result of the impact of increased non- branded information on the packaging showed that it will have a small effect on consumer’s recognition of brands. The final process which was the impact of copycat branding which is brands that are perceptually similar to other established brands, has positive effect on the brand recognition.

According to Mohmmad Doostar and Maryam Kazemi (2012) researched the impact of brand equity and purchase decision of final consumer. The researchers have used the model of brand equity according to which brand equity has four dimensions perceived quality, brand loyalty, brand image and brand awareness. The methods to gather information in this study used were library (specialized texts) and field methods (questionnaires collected); the target population in this study was the buyers of the…
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