Essay on The Impact of Refugees on a Society

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The Impact of Refugees on a Society

The argument that refugees have a negative effect on society has been a topic of great debate for many years, both in the UK and across many other countries. Almost since time began, the human race has had problems when the situation in their area has changed for the worse, and they have had to make tough decisions about where they should go next, and the problem has never been a more prominent issue than in today's society. It is an argument with two clearly defined sides. On one hand, the refugees, tortured, poverty-stricken and living in fear day and night. On the other hand, the general public, worried about the cost of looking after the asylum seekers, the
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Many of the asylum applications in the last three months have not come from Europe, but from Africa and Asia. Statistics show that applications from the rest of the EU fell by 14% compared to the previous three months. Top nationalities for asylum applications were nations where politics and poverty have forced people to move out, such as Iran, Zimbabwe and Iraq. Every year, tens and thousands of these refugees pour into Britain, seeking aid and support, but should they leave their country? Is the situation in their country really bad enough to make them have the right to move here?

The main opposition to refugees coming to the UK is not the Tories or any Government party, but the British taxpayer. Almost weekly, a new story hits the headlines detailing more statistics to make their readers grimace, usually about the cost that each family has to pay to house asylum seekers, as proved in the article "Refugees cost us £13 each" (Michael Lea, The Sun, March 2000), where phrases such as "Shocking", "Chaos" and "staggering" are deliberately used to turn the reader against refugees. Some believe that people such as Lea use all of this emotive language simply to help sell papers - by printing headlines that do not shock the reader, the papers won't sell, so are the views printed in the
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