The Impact of Rock 'n' Roll on the Civil Rights Movement

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It was no coincidence that rock ‘n’ roll and the civil rights movement started at the same time. The genre originated from African American music and was greatly discriminated against. Traditional white Americans would target anything bad about it. But as the teenager demographic of the 1950s started increasing the sales of the music, the genre started gaining more popularity. It was the style of Elvis Presley and his new voice that made girls weak in the knees and boys want to be him. Artists such as Presley had enough influence to change the view of their devoted fans on civil rights issues. Soon as protest songs and rock ‘n’ roll became more popular and influential, it began a gap between the young adult generation and their parents…show more content…
His appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show gave the network the highest rating at the time, and yet “Elvis the Pelvis” was shot only from waist up. His hip dusting moves was too risque for 1950s Americans, along with his nature. Yet Elvis was a very religious man; daily he would read the bible, he would never drink, and most of his songs had religious connotations. He was a humble man who remembered where he came from.Elvis Presley was born and raised in Tupelo, Mississippi. He grew up with little money, and his family lived off of welfare. During the year of 1948 Presley moved to Memphis, Tennessee, at the age of 13, and there he was introduced to the black community. In Memphis he was a frequent singer at the Reverend H.W. Brewster’s black Memphis church where he learned gospel music.
Elvis Presley was best known for his integration of R&B and country music. The public was scared that not only Presley would integrate music but also the white and black community. Which was something he did actually achieve according to Little Richard “He was an integrator. Elvis was a blessing. They wouldn’t let black music through. He opened the door for black music” (Elvis After 198). Parents were afraid of his music, considering it was said that he had a voice of a black man. He caused controversy, a white man singing black music on the radio.This controversy grew as Presley grew in

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