The Impact of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Airline Industry in Hong Kong

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Section 1: Introduction 1.1. Choose the Topic of Justification

According to the result of part A, the author has better understanding on her personality and preferable learning styles. And it briefly explained the reason that the author to select this topic. Working human resources in service industry should be a suitable career for the author, because she realizes that to work with a wide range of people and provide to others are the main preferences.

Regarding to her career choice, it is important for the author to know the factors that affecting customer satisfaction and loyalty in order to provide better service quality for the customers. Also, this is for substantial development in her future career path. These are the
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Finally, whatever which of the airline companies, the consumers would base on their needs and their level to choose a suitable airline company. Price is the one of the factors that consumer concern. They would concern about the price that is suitable for them and different class of the airline also will affect this factor.

1.3 Academic Objectives of Project

The main purpose of this study consists in an investigation on the service quality as the cause and the loyalty as the effect of customer satisfaction in airline industry.

These are research questions:

* Define the concepts of service quality and customer satisfaction from the literature

* Explore the components consisted of service quality and customer satisfaction

* Examine the impact between service quality and customer satisfaction 1.4 Outline of Sections

Part B is divided into five Sections.

Section 1 Introduction

It introduces the reason of choosing this topic in service marketing and the overview of airline industry. Moreover, it will mention the objectives of this study and finally the outline of all sections is provided in order to give a brief concept about this study to the readers.

Section 2: Setting the scene
It is the background of the airline Industry nowadays, introduce that why airline industry can affect the service quality and customers satisfaction strongly. Section 3 Literature Review

It reviews the existing literature

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