The Impact of Slavery in America

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Slavery was a tragic experience for African slaves that last for many years; although it has passed it will always be part of history. Slavery meant many things to many people, but overall the ones that can better explain this are the slaves themselves through their voice and their history; slavery impact families, traditional roles of mothers, children, and fathers. Furthermore, slavery demonstrated agency and resistance to their enslavement; passive or aggressive. Primarily, it can be difficult to understand the life of the slaves without a full description of what they where categories as. One example that identified the meaning of slaves was In Hubers essay: “As slaves were forbidden to speak their own languages or practice their own religions, they began to mix their native cultures with the European and Native American cultures that existed in America, and, through the English language, they found new ways of entertaining, educating, and expressing themselves.”(1 Huber) Slaves had no other chose that to conform to the life that they were part of and a result they combined their culture with the one of their masters. It gives an understanding of way they coped with the hardships they have encounter, forms to make their life a little lest tragic. Other forms of slavery was to dehumanizing slaves like in the journal of Thomas Phillips: “ Then we mark’d the slaves we had bought in the breast, or shoulder, with a hot iron, having the letter of the ship’s name on it… the
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