The Impact of Social Media on Business in the Fashion Industry

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Social Media Impact Business (Fashion industry) Introduction Social media and its use in the fashion industry refer to a marketing strategy linking brands in the market with their respective target bazaars/clients via the use of the social media. The social media in this case refer to varied modern channels of communication and transport in the world. There are various types of social media channels as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter among others as Skype and emails. These are some of the modern and sophisticated channels of communication, which have connected various people no matter the distances of their separation. In the market, marketing entails the creation of awareness and need for products and services at hand. As such, it incorporates the use of such channels of communication in order to pass information to the intended groups of people. Various details in the social media have enabled industries and firms to establish and grow to a level of being significant and resounding in the global market as shown it this study. According to Davis, (1992), the fashion industry in the past was not used to social media in marketing. This is because these industries believed that the social media was a major blow to their existence and competitiveness in the market. However, recent technologies shave enabled a vivid and effective social media, which can be used by fashion industries with no compromises to the quality and competitive existence in the market. Now,
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