The Impact of Social Media on Youth and Adults

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Overview of topic and issues discussed Social networks like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter allow individuals to connect with anyone from coworkers to former classmates. The accessibility of these connections allow for individuals to feel easily connected to a larger community, but they have downsides. From false senses of connection, to data pervasiveness ,social networking is something that effects all groups within our culture to the point where we will have to decide if it is benefical or harful to the indivudal. Impacts of Social Media on Youth and Adults The impacts of social media on youth and Adults are many. The issues consist of cyber bullying, decreased productivity, and trouble distinguishing relationships. Research conducted at Cornell University states that, social media sites give people a false sense of connection to your peers. Social networks such as Facebook have the potential to give people trouble distinguishing which relationships are meaningful and those that are casual. Further, researchers fear that if people focus much time and energy on social networking relationships, the meaningful relationships will diminish. With social media being so accessible, it allows access to not only for friends, but predators. Kids and teens are the most vulnerable when it comes to cyber bullying. Cyber Bullying is effective because of the anonymity that is granted online. Cyber bullying can leave, deep rooted emotional trauma that can lead to suicide. With
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