The Impact of Solar Energy Technologies in China Essay

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One of the issues that has a significant influence on sustainable economic and social development is energy. The utilization of energy results in climate change owing to its impact on environment by greenhouse gas emissions. This is resulted from the convention of using oil, gas, and coal that emit CO2, NOx and other poisoning substances into the air. The national strategy of China is to reduce this pollution by replacing fossil fuels with alternative energy such as wind, nuclear, geothermal, hydropower or solar energy. (Zhen 2008). Qian and Ling state that Northwest China is an ideal place to develop solar energy, the energy used by absorption of sun radiation, because there is a very wide access to sun heating, which is about 2000 hours …show more content…
Zhen says that oil, gas and coal will be the main resources that will provide energy and support economy. Despite carbon dioxide and other poisoning emissions, new technology and new models of utilization of fossil fuel can reduce environmental pollution. China is not ready to move to alternative energy yet, but the usage of conventional fuel will recycle the economy so that economy, energy security and environment protection will increase. (Zhen, 2008). However, this could not be enough to prevent finishing of limited amount of those sources. Brandt R. and Farrell A. suggest that the future of fossil fuel is unclear because of decreasing its quantity nowadays, and what will replace it after it would have been finished is unknown. It is no matter how much this issue can be discussed, but it is necessarily to move from conventional fossil fuel regardless of any difficulties like geologic, economic, environmental or political. (Brandt and Farrell, 2007). As Urban F. et al. claim in the future China will have to import oil and gas or to control the growth of energy demand. There is one more solution to use alternative energy like hydropower, wind, biomass and solar, which are renewable. The reason for why it could happen is that Chinese will not need oil and gas

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