The Impact of Sports: Personal Statement

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To: From: Date: 2/20/13 Subject: The Impact of Sports in My Life Executive Summary The amount of pleasure that I get from a lifetime exposure to sports is directly attributable to the fact that my grandfather has owned a golf driving range all of my life. More importantly, my upbringing on the range taught me the importance of doing something you genuinely enjoy for a living. My involvement in sports has also provided numerous lessons and tools that are transferable to the pursuit of success in other realms such as in professional business. Discussion My good fortune to have had the opportunity to grow up on a golf range allowed me to develop a sport that I hope to continue throughout my life, just as my grandfather has. Besides golf, growing up with perpetual access to a golf range in all seasons also allowed my brothers and me to pursue motocross and mountain bicycle racing as well as ice hockey. My grandfather used to create a skating rink for us every winter and that was a tremendous advantage to our development as hockey players. However, by far, the more important lesson that we learned from our grandfather was the importance of finding a way of earning a living that allows you to do something you would enjoy doing anyway. In fact, because we were regulars and our grandfather's driving range since we were toddlers, we never realized that he earned a living from the range until we were teenagers, precisely because he was always so happy to be working.
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