The Impact of Technology in Developing Effective Teamwork in Organizations

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Developing Effective Teamwork in Organizations: Teamwork is one of the most important elements for the effectiveness of an organization in achieving its goals because people are an essential building block of total quality management within the organization. Actually, the main responsibility of the achievement of quality lies with the individual or group carrying out the organizational activities and processes. The importance of teamwork in an organization is evident in the fact that the complexity of organizational processes requires individuals and groups to tackle the activities efficiently. However, teamwork in an organization is achieved through proper strategies, mechanisms, and structure that are implemented carefully and efficiently. For instance, effective teamwork requires employees to engage in organizational processes with the commitment from senior managers. Nature of Groups and Group Behavior within Organizations: Organizations are usually characterized by different groups who interact in a way that every individual plays a significant role in the achievement of the goals and aims of the organization. Groups are established in an organization for several purposes including helping the organization to achieve important tasks and promoting the maintenance of high-quality workforce through satisfying the needs of the members (McCuddy, 2003, p.4). Notably, these groups are generally divided into two major categories i.e. formal and informal groups that are
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