The Impact of Technology in Organizational Communication Essay

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The Impact of Technology in Organizational Communication The relationship between technology and communication in today's organizations is significant. Technology can even change the way organizations are structured when a new system is introduced. Moreover, in many organizations, new IT systems have complicated the way people communicate by adding complexity to the organization structure. This could be the case for financial systems such as SAP, which are designed to meet requirements of one exclusive part of the organization. However, new IT systems can also reduce organizational complexity. Technology can be designed to fit any requirement of a particular organization. A new technology could be flexible enough to simplify power…show more content…
Policies and procedures were re-defined. Organizational arrangements were required along with new functions and positions. In every area of the company, it was required that at least one employee be involved in the project and therefore be responsible for the SAP management in his or her area. Even a new area emerged as a need for the project's development and it last two more years after the project was finished in order to support the new system practices. The existing communication system was re-evaluated. However, the political structure of the organization was not altered. According to Information Technology and Organization published by Oxford University Press in 2000, "IT systems are political in nature." The development and implementation of IT systems is mediated by the political relationships and exercises of power within organizations." (insert footnote) SAP was implemented at Bellsouth following the political structure of the organization. Its architecture was defined according to the hierarchy of relationships within and between areas. There was an established chain of command in every process and only a few people were able to access the information in the system. A simple process for purchasing started with a solicitude that needed to be electronically approved by every person in the line of
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