The Impact of Technology in the Last 20 Years

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The first vestige of a technological advance is dated from the dawn of the primordial human organizations, which due to intelligent adaptations to survive, were able to stand a variety of environments and difficulties, being then able to populate the entire world with our species. Consequently, with the passing of time, the humanity was able to evolve even more its abilities, aiming to create new methods to simplify and extend the quality of human-based work. Such process was contextualized as the advent of technology, which has driven the development of societies as well as the disparity among them. In the last 20 years, the growth of such context marked the greatest changes in society since the Industrial Revolution on the XIX century, constructing a globalized world united by undeniably quick and reliable exchanges of information. In addition, every year the technological advances prove not only to be more efficient than before, but also that its speed is now propelled as never before. Now, technology and global acquaintance are immensely bonded, and in order to understand its effects on all societies, there must be a comprehension on the roots of modern devices and their respective transformations throughout time. Regarding the ascension of the most popular tools today, such as computers and the internet, they occupy an important and essential position on the current model of sociability. Their impact was held in such a way, that the Internet use among the entire globe
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