The Impact of Technology on Nursing Practice

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Introduction Technology continues to impact on almost every aspect of our lives. We depend on technology to communicate, entertain ourselves and even perform small tasks like cleaning and cooking. Many professionals including engineers, accountants, and even financial analysts today rely on technology to perform various tasks. The nursing profession has not been left behind. In this text, I concern myself with technology and the impact it is having on my nursing practice. Discussion There are many areas in the nursing arena where technology is being actively utilized as a driver of change. In the opinion of Daniels (2004), the main nursing areas experiencing change as a result of technology include "clinical practice, education, and research." Communication remains one of the areas that has been impacted the most by technology. In the opinion of Marquis and Huston (2008), "technology has dramatically changed how nurses communicate and perform their work." The authors point out that the Internet is increasingly being utilized not only for communication purposes but also as a research tool. As far as communication is concerned, the authors are convinced that the internet facilitates access to the file transfer protocol and e-mail. Thus nurses and nurse managers need not meet physically to deliberate on issues. This eliminates time wastage. As a source of information, Marquis and Huston (2008) are convinced that the internet allows nurses to access the latest and most
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