The Impact of The British Revolution on Society Essay example

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The British revolution had a great impact on the society. Various complicated machines tools
were used in the production and rural-agricultural and commercial society to a progressive rural-
industrial society, this period of time old ideas mere modified, not swept away and gradually
new ideas took place. This thing helped Britain changing their city life, social class structure, the
power of the British nation amongst rest of the world, the production of machinery, and the
strength of the economy of British.

Between 18th to 19th centuries, the famous Industrial Revolution profound effect on the whole
society in the UK, then slowly spreading throughout Europe, North America, and eventually the
whole world. It had great impact on agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transport, and
technology in a blink of an eye. At the beginning of the 18th century, the life could be
characterized as very low and backward. During this period, changes on technology and
commerce sectors were very imperceptible. The population increase depended on the
productivity, while the living standards maintained the same.

The Industrial Revolution was a long period during which invention of machinery which could
be applied to manufacturing processes. It first came to textile industry. John Kay invented the
flying shuttle (1733) and it showed a growth in hand weaving, crafting demand for faster yarn
spinning. In this recent 1700’s many inventions tool pave which gave a great advantage to…