The Impact of The Media Throughout History Essay

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Media has a huge impact on the shaping of the world. For centuries, in all parts of the world, media has been the main source of transporting news and great use for public out cries. Media has helped shaped the modern world since the 1400’s until today. The media comes in many different sources from books, to radio, to television. I will focus on the effectiveness the media has on the world throughout history in religious, political and social context. The first printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1436. Johannes Gutenberg was a goldsmith and businessman from a small town Mainz in southern Germany. This printing press had adjustable wooden or metal letters and was called the Gutenberg press. It wasn’t completely finished …show more content…
He was able to take the advantage of the media and it helped his practices to be known and become more popular. He wrote an insulting letter to the pope in 1520 and after he was immediately excommunicated and later died of natural cause. The Crusades between the Protestants and the Catholics had a major political, economic, and social impact on Western Europe. In 1559, Queen Elizabeth I was made Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Elizabeth’s Act of Uniformity reinstated the use of the English Book to become the Book of Common Prayer from 1552. This book was to be read and if there were any opposition, there was going to be a cruel punishment. All services were to follow the order of service set out in this book and be in English. (Claire) In 1679, Benjamin Harris, worked on a publication of a newspaper. This was going to be a four page paper, where he wrote about an issue every month. In London it was illegal to print anything about the government without permission and he was put on trial. In 1690, he came to Boston where published the first newspaper in America. It was called the Publick Occurrences. He found himself in trouble again because it contained information that was not truthful about the government and he needed permission also. In 1704, The Boston Newsletter was published and lasted 74 years of publication. By the 1700’s, printing was developed in many
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