The Impact of United States Rule on Puerto Rico Essay

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The Impact of United States Rule on Puerto Rico Puerto Rico spent most of its history under the control of Spain. In the year 1898, the islanders wanted their freedom and welcomed the U.S. invaders as their last hope of liberation from Spanish control. The United States brought the promise of democracy to Puerto Rico, but its true intentions did not include letting go of the island. Although the United States claimed that its intentions were to civilize Puerto Rico and help it become a democratic society, its hypocritical manner of dealing with the island had a great impact on Puerto Rican development. The early years of U.S. colonization affected many aspects of Puerto Rico, including economics, politics, and social relations. When…show more content…
(Trías-Monge 38) This shows that the United States was trying to communicate that their possession of Puerto Rico would not deny the island of its rights, and it would be beneficial to its inhabitants. However, the U.S. proved through their actions that while they would attempt to improve the standard of living in Puerto Rico, they had no intention of losing control over their colony. The above quotation states that Puerto Rico would not be independent, which expresses the United States? concealed agenda?to render Puerto Rico a colony which it would control for its own benefit. The words of President McKinley summed up the reason for this. "While we are conducting war and until its conclusion, we must keep all we can get. When the war is over we must keep what we want. (Fernandez 1)" The United States wanted Puerto Rico for their own benefit, and this has been impacting the island to this day. The effects of early United States colonialism on the economy of Puerto Rico shows how its hypocritical and possessive treatment of the island had an impact on the development of Puerto Rico. While the U.S. expanded trade and industry, it continued to exercise control over many aspects of the Puerto Rican economy, taking advantage of the Puerto Rican people and exploiting the
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