The Impact of Video Games on Children

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Children and teenagers form a good number of the world’s population. Their large numbers means they are a good market for any product that targets them. Their customer loyalty is also outstanding since they do this until they outgrow the product. Companies that sell to this age group usually have to do their marketing once in a while since most of the marketing is done by their clients, the children and teens. Children and teens make this possible by asking their parents to buy them products similar to those of their peers. Statement of purpose The purpose of this paper is to research on whether video games are bad on children or teens. Hypothesis Many toys have been manufactured for use by children and teenagers in their play. Video games are also sought after for play by children. This paper is going to look at whether video games are good or bad for children and teenagers. The Hypothesis in this case will be; • Video games are bad for children. • Video games cause violence in children Reason why parents buy video games There are many reasons why parents buy video games for their children. One is reason is that parents buy video games for their children to act as a distraction for them. Most of such parents do not want to be disturbed by their children when they come from work or when working on some chores at home. The best alternative to them is buying video games for their children so that they can be kept busy and they get time to relax and enjoy their time or
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