The Impact of Western Media on African Cultures

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The Impact of Western media on African Cultures By Levis Kamau Introduction Pop music has become very much popular and widespread among the young people in Nairobi City. It is usually characterised by western behaviours and ways of doings of the west (developed countries) particularly the United States and Jamaica. It is very common to hear young people talking about the pop singers. You will always hear “I like that dance in the song….” “I wish I had such a cloak” “I cant miss the concert by…” now this is an indication that the young people in Nairobi have the pop musicians as their models. It also indicate that pop music has a lot of influence in the day to day lives of the young people in Nairobi.…show more content…
This means the leisure has currently been put before religion. To them this is fully accepted since “nobody is a child, we should be allowed to choose what we have to do.” This choosing’ has led to increased S.T.Ds (sexually transmitted diseases and infections- S.T.Is) and unexpected pregnancies. These in turn have led to numerous abortions- these are considered a social rot: a taboo. 5. the impact as seen in their ambitions The young people after having watched these pop music for a considerable duration seem to have agreed on one thing- that theirs is an expensive life with no work and much leisure dominated by sexual ecstasies. This has led to sprouting of highly dependent population. Most of the young people who are getting frustrated in life are caused to be so by the high ambitions to be like those pop musicians. Too much ambition breaks a man; too little takes him nowhere. ‘Traditionally, each member of the clan in a Kikuyu community was entitled to a githaka (land)’ Having left the real life, most young people are living in imaginary worlds where they imagine themselves as being very rich and having ecstasies. This makes them neglect other duties that are important in building their lives. The idleness now could also make them result to taking drugs. These will kill them slowly without their knowledge. 6. From the point of view of the parents. Many ‘parents’ regard the
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