The Impact of Wireless Technology in a School Environment

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ABSTRACT The study examined the impact of wireless technology in a learning environment. The main research instrument used is through the administration of questionnaires. The feedbacks were analyzed, the result showed that Information Technology has positive effect on learning environment. In conclusion, the study has shown that Information Technology has extensively improved the communication links between students, teachers and parent alike. This has greatly enhanced teachers teaching method by practically demonstrating how stuffs work and be able to communicate together in a small global village. In effects, the research work show the importance of wireless technology as a mean of teaching aids that allows…show more content…
All the students are advised to make use of internet connected- laptops using the wi-fi device. And teachers are to communicate with each other with their laptops and Pabx. Parents/teachers /students relationship is also been enhanced through communication link on the school website. Report card, School fees and other vital sensitive issues are now been communicated through the use of phones, SMS and the school website. This new trend of communication has both negative and positive impacts on the students and their teachers. The challenges facing the institution are hereby stated. 1. Teachers who are not computer literate find it difficult to blend with the new approach to information 2. Students who are not computer literate cannot make use of the laptops, some are too young especially the Js 1 students who may just be 8 years old. 3. Wireless technology employed doesn’t have enough bandwidth to connect all the laptops at once – A situation where over 250 students are to be online. 4. ISP intermittent fluctuation in server peak period and downtime 5. Irregularities of power supply 6. High cost of equipments maintenance 7. Slow internet connections due to heavy traffic on the wireless Lan. In order to achieve this, the following research questions would be answered. 1.3 Research Questions 1. What is the profile of

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