The Impact of Work Ethic

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A child stood staring out of the fifth story window. His eyes were peering out into the distance trying to make out any object he could see. At that time there were no streetlights, if he was lucky the dim moonlight might light up the tenebrous surroundings. He would observe the emptiness in the streets. His heart was full of worry causing it to pump with increasing speed. After many strenuous hours of waiting he would finally see one person walking in the midst of the darkness. In an instant, he would dash past the apartment rooms housed with sleeping people, and hastily climbed down the stairs. With such enthusiasm he would greet the only person that would be out at that time of night, his mother. The mother in that story is my grandmother, ShiDi. Her story begins right after college during her first actual job. During the 1950’s she was hired to become a chemistry researcher at NanKai University, which ranks in the top 10 universities in China according to QS World University Rankings. This time period she would refer as the “prime of her life”. However, her experience wasn’t as pleasant as her words. First off, she had to embrace a new role of being a parent and foster new responsibilities. In addition, she would be responsible for her work. She describes being a chemical researcher as " the hardest job [she] has ever had". The work hours were extremely long, often requiring her to work for the whole week. She was the only person in her research team doing work that
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