The Impact of World War II on the United States

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World War II had an extensive impact of the United States. In spite of all the battles being fought off America mainland, the war affected all aspects of American life back home. World War II may be known as the worst war in history, but a lot of good came out of it. If it was not for World War II many economic changes, social changes, and political changes may have never happened. Prior to WWII the economy was in bad shape. The U.S. was in a depression. Unemployment was at twenty five percent nationally, numerous banks and businesses had failed, and gross domestic product fell. The war brought jobs like building tanks and ships. Everyone had a job. Female employment dramatically increased. Unemployment was virtually wiped out in the U.S. Wages even increased. Within one year 86,000 tanks, 296,000 planes, 6,000 ships, and 15 million guns were produced. People started helping out the war in any way they could. Many people started saving metals to be recycled into military material, some planted victory gardens to grow fruits and vegetables for personal use during food shortages, and people started paying taxes to help build military equipment, which was a small price to pay to win the war. Overall, the economy during the war was good. Per capita income had risen from $691 in 1939 to $1515 in 1945. World War II proved to be catalyst for American economy. During World War II some amazing social changes started taking place. Women who had been discriminated against in the
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